[Video] RTX 3090 8K Gaming – FIRST in the WORLD

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30 Comments on “[Video] RTX 3090 8K Gaming – FIRST in the WORLD”

  1. Cool!
    But, ok, I got two questions, now (which will seem unrelated to some of you) :
    1) With NVIDIA RTX Voice being amazing too, is it possible to use an RTX card (a second one, I guess?) as a sound card? Or would that be pointless?
    2) Can we upscale the sampling rate of low-rez audio files using similar technology for graphics framerate, but using that for audio? Like for example upconverting an MP3 or damaged old recording to play in higher resolution audio?
    Oh, three questions…
    3) And could upscaling such audio (or any audio) this way make sound more three-dimensional, like raising the FPS count on graphics? (Because a higher frame-per-second count creates more depth, better 3D and better realism for graphics (genuine added frames, not just copying and pasting the same frames). Like, upscale everything to 24-bit audio or something? Or more?)

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