[Video] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – It’s Ripe!

My early impressions on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. This is an incredible phone. At $2000, it’s the most expensive phone I’ve ever used. SD 865 Plus, 12 Gigs of RAM and 256 GB of Storage.

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[Video] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - It’s Ripe! 1
[Video] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - It’s Ripe! 2
[Video] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - It’s Ripe! 3
[Video] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - It’s Ripe! 4
[Video] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - It’s Ripe! 5

48 Comments on “[Video] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – It’s Ripe!”

  1. Next year's Z fold 3 will have two hinges that fold out to show screen 3x the width of the phone. Made possible by each of those 3 parts being much thinner. You heard it here first folks.

  2. They may have put that tiny screen in the original version intentionally but I believe that when they started developing the phone, it was still 2012. 😁

  3. Your shots are so intentional 👌🏾 Great take & I definitely agree with you on the improvement level between the Fold 1 and the Fold 2. The 3rd Fold wouldn’t change that much.

  4. The crease is an atrocity. Of course at the current tech this is a necessity but to to say you just need more interesting content is as idiotic as claiming, if there is a hole in your roof, just stick an umbrella in it. The issue isn't gone just because you decided to ignore and somehow cover it up.

  5. Another overpriced gimmick that is over priced and still being able to see the fold line in the screen is not acceptable at that price point. The robustness of the design and its longevity is not proven. You will essentially be paying for samsungs r&d.

  6. It will depreciate like crazy. 12 months from now, it'll be obsolete. $2,000 is a second hand car, 2 mortgage payments, a serious computer. This is for people with more money than sense.

  7. I expect next generation to have less tall front screen, it will make the front screen look normal as well as make the inner fold display look wider – more natural to use and watch videos.

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