[Video] The $200 Flagship Smartphone Alternative

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27 Comments on “[Video] The $200 Flagship Smartphone Alternative”

  1. This Snapdragon 732 chip on this Poco X3 is a steal for its price. But if you want to get the FASTEST phone with the CHEAPEST possible price with the HIGHEST CHIP at the moment – Snapdragon 865, it is the Poco F2 Pro. Now that's the real winner right there. Still Xiaomi, still Poco, not surprised.

  2. I've been using the redmi k20 for a little over a year now…. It's holding up great! I bought it because the specs were impressive in comparison to the price.
    – no notch
    – super amoled
    – headphone jack
    -fast charge

  3. This phone for me is almost perfect my only problem is the front cam i wish they put that front cam in the corner it will help a lot specialy on gaming, but overall its crazy, this is the phone that worth every penny

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