[Video] The $300 Flagship Phone.

The Flagship smartphone that started good, but just keeps getting better in 2020.
Limited Time…

[Video] The $300 Flagship Phone. 1
[Video] The $300 Flagship Phone. 2
[Video] The $300 Flagship Phone. 3
[Video] The $300 Flagship Phone. 4
[Video] The $300 Flagship Phone. 5

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  1. just a tip
    -get GCAM
    -get forced 90Hz via adb (almost like 120hz)
    -disable ram boost
    – disable status bar via adb(it preventing screen burn- in , also try to use less than 50% brightness)
    -set the display resolution to adaptive mode. (get 6 hrs SOT on heavy usage, you wont able to tell the difference in resolution while usage, its that smart)
    and this phone will feel like any other performance champ of 2020. literally everyone

  2. Love how well phones age nowadays! I upgraded from a OnePlus 6 to iPhone 11 and don’t notice any differences in speed – they’re both crazy fast and smooth! Not to mention, while the OnePlus 6 camera was obviously not as good, in manual mode I got so many excellent photos! Given the iPhone’s excellent software support I definitely feel I can hold on to it for quite a while.

    Also, could OnePlus bring back the motorized camera in the 9? Gotta love a screen with no intrusions and the pop-up camera is just cool!

  3. Your video just feels so good and so refreshing, I just can't remember after I watched this video that you weren't that how you are now.
    Always loves your work man !

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