[Video] The NEW $200 Pocophone!

My review of the $200 Poco X3 from Pocophone
Available Here –

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[Video] The NEW $200 Pocophone! 1
[Video] The NEW $200 Pocophone! 2
[Video] The NEW $200 Pocophone! 3
[Video] The NEW $200 Pocophone! 4

49 Comments on “[Video] The NEW $200 Pocophone!”

  1. 7:24 At some point between 7:28 and 7:38, Dave sounds a little weird when he says "… are fine. The ultra wide shot could be sharper, but the moment you throw low light into the mix…", as if his voice is switched with someone else's. Has anyone else noticed that?

  2. Bro what is the skin/theme/icon pack that you use with every phone on your channel?
    I've been asking this question on many of your videos but never got to the answer. If anyone else knows, please let me know

  3. You could disable the personalized ad option while setting up(may be there's some options in the settings too) the device
    I have a xiaomi and I disabled all those options now my ui is ad free

    So try that

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