[Video] They sent me FOUR GAMING LAPTOPS!!

Check out ORIGIN PC Gaming Laptops Powered by GeForce RTX at Thanks to ORIGIN PC for sponsoring this video! Linus got his hands on …

[Video] They sent me FOUR GAMING LAPTOPS!! 1
[Video] They sent me FOUR GAMING LAPTOPS!! 2
[Video] They sent me FOUR GAMING LAPTOPS!! 3
[Video] They sent me FOUR GAMING LAPTOPS!! 4
[Video] They sent me FOUR GAMING LAPTOPS!! 5

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  1. These literally look like they came out of a tech trash can from the 90s. Not one innovative or interesting feature. HDMI/display link in, No, wireless charging, No, MXM/removable gpu's, No, Detachable screen, no, Bezeless display, no, Oled customizable key layouts, no, New battery tech, No, Eye tracking, No, glassless 3d screen, No. Why bother making the same generic laptop over n over again.

  2. I'm no student… but I do travel for work a lot… in either case tho, I think 15 inches is just a little too bulky for comfortable travel between classes, worksites, or countries…

  3. Need Origin In India Without Any Import Tax Given To Our Shitty Government.
    I would buy Eon17-X or Eon15-x for my rendering purposes as i am still a student and this is Really Compi with Alienware a-51 and gt76

  4. 🇮🇳INDIA🇮🇳
    I made video☝️☝️☝️

    Agar passand naa aye to dislike maaardenaa

  5. Linus, I have a video idea for you:

    I have an 8 year old Thinkpad T430 I bought refurbished about 2-3 years ago, I have replaced the screen, but other than that it is totally stock. I was wondering if you would want to do a video comparing old, refurbished laptops against modern laptops of an equivalent price, as I think my laptop is much better than any modern equivalent I could've got for £325.


    i5 3320M dual core
    8gb DDR3 memory (2 4gb sticks)
    256gb SSD
    Windows 10
    1600×900 'HD' display

  6. 2K?? Even after student discount? Might be better to stick with a legion 5 series or acer nitro 5 laptop, a lot cheaper 🤷 origin must've needed an excuse for Linus to make a vid for their gaming laptops that CLEARLY AREN'T FOR STUDENTS just saying

  7. Why do all of these Origin laptops look exactly like older Asus models. It seriously looks like they grabbed an Asus, rubbed the name off and then printed their label on it. I have an old G750-JM that looks almost exactly like that largest Origin and a gl703vm. I guess they did learn from Asus some and added extra exhaust from the sides.

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