[Video] This is NOT a Game – LG x IFA Booth 2020

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[Video] This is NOT a Game - LG x IFA Booth 2020 1
[Video] This is NOT a Game - LG x IFA Booth 2020 2
[Video] This is NOT a Game - LG x IFA Booth 2020 3
[Video] This is NOT a Game - LG x IFA Booth 2020 4
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  2. Motion smoothing is bad… but it's nowhere near as bad as the slideshow that is 24 fps… it actually hurts my eyes watching =/
    Watching Gemini Man in the cinema at 60 fps was a nice experience… too bad the movie sucked tho. It really needs to become the new norm for movies. How the hell are we still stuck with a compromise from like 100 years ago?!

  3. In game design studies, game = interactive simulation + goal. Without a direct inherent goal, it’s just an interactive simulation AKA interactive visualization AKA toy AKA sandbox AKA simulation AKA tech demo.

    People get caught up on this “it’s like a game, built with game tech, but not a game?” like it’s a paradox. No, you can take just about any game ever released and removed the goals and you have 99% the same thing but it’s a sandbox/toy/interactive-sim— just imagine Super Mario 1 without lives, score, or level progression, as if you had a debug mode where you could just run around and do what you want. Or better yet, imagine Minecraft creative mode as opposed to survival mode. It’s not a confusing thing, it’s an inherent part of game development when you haven’t worked out the goals and restrictions of the game yet. Call it what you want, it’s part of every game ever. It’s like arthouse film without a plot— it’s cinematography and editing. We just don’t have a good singular term for it in the game design field, other than interactive sim.

  4. Whys the skybox gotta be sad and depressing. Come on guys, give us some sun! If I was LG i would have hired a studio, constructed the booth and display items then have a Rep walk around showing us everything….

  5. Linus I've followed you for years and now I think your videos are becoming crap, they got longer and boring. You've just spent half an hour playing the worst version of The Sims ever produced giving zero useful infos.

  6. Game review:
    – No anti aliasing
    – No ambient occlusion
    – No bump maps
    – Some objects are missing collisions
    – Missing reload animations
    +++ Is playing in my city
    10/10 would not play again, it has a little something for everyone.

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