[Video] This PC SHOULDN'T Be Possible

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  1. Lame.. .crypto miners splitting PCIe for years and no it doesnt costs thousands as you claim aliexpres PCIe splitters can be bought from 15 bucks upwards depending on the split requirements . BTW you even have a thread on the splitters on your own forum .

  2. If someone can afford 3k for GPU? He's supposed to wait and bid up prices for me a 2nd time? And let good merchandice rot? The scalper hate is irrational. But, afterall, +95% of decisions are emotional.

  3. There's a lot of people complaining about the budget… Shop within YOUR budget. Just because Linus' budget is significantly more accommodating to a high end machine, it doesn't change the fact that "budget" does not mean "cheap".

  4. hello linus , i've been watching alot of your videos and you do great content!! can i have 1 of your not using anymore gpu . i been stuck with gtx1060 for quiet a long time now , and yeah … money gone since all the pandemic stuff going on .. :((

  5. Great, now do the reverse for those of us who built a gaming PC from old server hardware, and merge two 8x, or a 8x + 4x to get something that doesn't exist, that being 12x.

  6. A custom built water-cooling unit, with a radiator without any protection around it.
    Shure it will be needed to handle it with caution.
    But oboy it will work nice.
    Custom cables for everything.
    Love the concept.

  7. I had the same issue with my h115i and sm580. Unscrew the offending pins on the side plates and it will fit flush. I was planning on grinding one of them on each side down, but it fits well enough with only 3 pins per side that I didn't bother.

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