[Video] This Sketchy AliExpress Cooler….

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[Video] This Sketchy AliExpress Cooler.... 1
[Video] This Sketchy AliExpress Cooler.... 2
[Video] This Sketchy AliExpress Cooler.... 3
[Video] This Sketchy AliExpress Cooler.... 4
[Video] This Sketchy AliExpress Cooler.... 5

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  1. what is wrong with you using powertools for every single job ? You know a file would've done the job way more cleanly and with much more control than the dremel right ? lol

  2. 3:49 I always cringe when Alex acts so indifferent and unprofessional towards Linus. Dude doesn't even look like he cares about actually doing a good, refined job in videos and projects he's involved in. Linus is still his boss, you know, and given his personality, I'm surprised he's tolerated Alex's attitude for this long.

    In most of his projects/videos, his work is often crappy, and unplanned. For the few times when he actually does a decent job, he just takes too long.

    9:00 Seriously? Linus provided Alex with tens of thousands of dollars in machinery "toys", and he didn't even bother using a torque screwdriver?

  3. People need to understand that not everything that comes from AliExpress/China is terrible quality. I have custom loop watercooling on my machine built all 100% from aliexpress parts, and it's been running great 4th year now. I disassembled it last year for inspection; rubber washers are totally fine, no corrosion even though there's mixed metals (CPU block and radiator), everything in great condition. Using just the distilled water, with no silver or any biocide.

  4. They have not installed it properly btw, thermal pads screwing up the mounting pressure. I have seen this mod on clevo barebones as well as alienware. With liquid metal/normal paste you can go 20-35 c degrees for sure. Tested on the p775tm1.

  5. Dear Linus, I am your biggest fan from India and I really like your videos I also wants to meet u or if it is not possible can u give me that water botel please I want one of them as I could not purchase them😭😭😭😭

  6. 2 simple rules of pc:
    1)If it aint broken,dont fix it!
    2)If its a laptop only upgrade to ssd from hdd or larger capacity ssd and larger capacity ram and only if u wish.
    For laptop cooling:
    Only a good and quality notepad cooler!
    Everything else is either a risk or too expensive for any improvement!

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