[Video] ULTIMATE Water Cooled Gaming Chair!!

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48 Comments on “[Video] ULTIMATE Water Cooled Gaming Chair!!”

  1. Hey linus! (or any other team member) I don't care if you read this 🙂
    Car racers have been using thermally-cooled shirts for a while now, you can see them in formula D quite often these days, they're a lifesaver if you have to sit in a literal tire-burning hotbox for hours

    that's something way more ergonomic and it goes with you, and i bet is more comfortable than sitting on wet pipes
    You should check them out

  2. hi i have started a new gaming channel need your support as my sister died last week she was the only one earning in our house and after here death i have to take the responsibility and i am just 12.it would just be a click for you but here it means a lot to me

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