[Video] We fixed Windows 10 – Microsoft will HATE this!

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[Video] We fixed Windows 10 - Microsoft will HATE this! 1
[Video] We fixed Windows 10 - Microsoft will HATE this! 2
[Video] We fixed Windows 10 - Microsoft will HATE this! 3
[Video] We fixed Windows 10 - Microsoft will HATE this! 4
[Video] We fixed Windows 10 - Microsoft will HATE this! 5

48 Comments on “[Video] We fixed Windows 10 – Microsoft will HATE this!”

  1. PSA: While it's possible to mimic what Windows 10 Ameliorated does through Group Policy without pulling features, Windows 10 Ameliorated directly removes the components responsible for phoning home.

  2. So many arguments from fangirls ranting how MS wasnt interested in us eating cheetos, but in reality our mass data is being sold/used against us in more anti-consumer models.

  3. Been running Win10 without privacy concerns for 4 years and have never had a bad update install or a single BSOD, have not received phishing scam prompts or got a virus, also haven't used any 3rd party fix apps or ad blockers.

  4. This seems so crap, I was able to do most of these things by simply following a github page and kept all the normal stuff like search. Cortona deleted, Edge deleted, windows updates turned to manual updates whenever I like, all still one click though. No microsoft account link.

  5. Yes, Microsoft will hate this and as well by most of the users including me. Cutting down most of the features in the name of non existing privacy should not be called ameliorated. Amen

  6. Really the most annoying part of all the telemetry crap is that it makes Windows so bloated and sluggish in so many places. I hate that THE PC OS that we're stuck with for who knows how long is this bad. It feels like everyone is just living with this awful fact and there's not much we can do about it.

  7. Get Windows 10 LTSC version. No store, no shit updates, etc. Makes windows what it should've been in the first place. You have a large enough platform here, you should show people what it is, and how it is done. Thank you for your time reading this. But Microsoft doesn't want anybody to know or use LTSC. They are not interested in selling you a copy of windows, they want you to use their crap. Store, Cortana, Xbox and to top it all off they want to collect your data and sell it. Thanks Microsoft. (also forgot to type about the fun applications they installed on my box multiple times. shit like candy crush and other useless crap i had to go back and uninstall multiple times)

  8. Windows 10 updates has fucked up my computer more than any virus or threat to security. It's broken hardware, made bluetooth unusable, made wifi unstable and messed with my network enough for me to seriously thinking about going linux all that way, with windows only as a VM or doal boot to play games.

  9. 15:53 – again, you need to clearly disclose sponsorship. Nothing on the full-screen ad says "sponsored". You've got an affiliate link that is not marked as sponsored. This kind of disclosure is legally required.

  10. About the search issue: Maybe you have to index all folders again. This is an issue that happens some times in regular Windows 10, and it takes a looooong time, even on an SSD.

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