[Video] Why Samsung is about to take over.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the first sign of Samsung starting to win. Here’s…

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  1. We were waiting with hype the new Kirin chips for the new Huawei devices and then the US ban came. This was the time that everything started. How it will end? We will see in the near future.

  2. I will never and have never used any electronics like cell phones manufactured by a Chinese company. The CCP owns a part of every Chinese company by law and, if you trust a communist nation that is currently engaged in a genocide that also unleashed a virus on the world you're pretty stupid. Unless you're LeBron James or Disney then you just love China's genocidal government because you make a lot of money from them.

  3. I personally hate Chinese phones not for privacy but for their choices like bloated ui, face smoothing and their restrictions. Only oneplus is the manafacturer that does not commit this hieniuos crimes

  4. As long thay Samsung don't give us another phone series that explodes and improve the Exynos chipsets to levels like Helio and Snapdragon,do something to reduce the price of their midrange phones they'll be taking the price in the long term.

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