[Video] You don't deserve this monitor.

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[Video] You don't deserve this monitor. 1
[Video] You don't deserve this monitor. 2
[Video] You don't deserve this monitor. 3
[Video] You don't deserve this monitor. 4
[Video] You don't deserve this monitor. 5

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  1. So I'm still trying to justify buying a pair of 144hz for a work from home setup. I plan on investing in some vesa arm mounts. What do value/budget shoppers get if they buy the most entry level 240hz or spend the same or less on 144hz or 75hz?

  2. Surely we are getting to the point where a refresh rate that high is kind of pointless? When will it stop?

    The gold standard for cinema is still 24 frames. But gamers be like give me 300hz. Lol

  3. The point isn't gameplay or noticing a difference, the point is your game sends and receives better than your opponent and frames help with that for pro gamers and yes even high skilled gamers, so if you can afford it and you're a high level gamer then get it.

  4. Here in the Philippines that monitor is useless since we have the crappiest (and most expensive internet) even if you have that, some games still rely on connectivity like valorant

  5. Hi! linus i watched a video and it is all about downloading a graphics card.

    here is the link to the video I watched. Can you do a reaction video about this. I hope you read this.

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