[Video] You'll Never Share Earbuds Again…

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44 Comments on “[Video] You'll Never Share Earbuds Again…”

  1. Science in February 2020: " UV light kills COVID-19 unless you are infected internally"
    USA and china : quietly makes carnival toys to sell you "HEY GESS WUT EVERY ONE WE DISCOVERED DAT YOU VEE LYTE KILLZ DA BAD!"
    Science: 🤨🙄

  2. leu u already fill the swab with your mouth bacteria which out through talking…so 30 to 40% bacteria from your mouth some from air bcoz air too has some microbes floating…im a microbiologost dont mind😛

  3. we need a control ? without using the earpods, right out of the box, you gotta check how much bacteria… Alsooo should have covered mouth while taking sample, you were talking pretty close to the swab, definitely would have picked up a lot of bacteria, mouth has them too. But you breathed on them for 2 of the samples so ig its cool ?
    another note : i find it kindah awkward everyone in the studio is referring to it as 'disgusting' xD most of them aint harmful ig, just lil creatures xD
    anyway, super interesting video Lew !, Thanks

  4. Why not just buy waterproof ear buds and wash them with actual dish soap and kill way more germs than that shitty device! Also using ultraviolet light to kill germs on device that is put in your ears would be a bad idea since there is radiation!!!!! Lew is not things about the effects of radiation to the ears! This entire idea is a bad idea! So why is this idea even being thrown around when we already have waterproof ear buds? Using actual soap we know for fact kills more germs than Ultraviolet light.

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