Samsung S-Essential Air Conditioners – Promotional Price from RM999

Sprawling sunny afternoons and blisteringly high temperatures are some of the phrases to describe the tropical weather in Malaysia. As more and more people stay at home in this new normal, many are searching for the best cooling appliances to create the cool respite from the hot weather.

The Samsung S-Essential Air Conditioners are the good air conditioners that could be your cool respite in our Malaysian weather. Read on!

It’s Ideal For Immediate Relief From the Heat Outside.

The S-Essential Air Conditioner cools a whole room quickly and effectively. Its Fast Cooling mode operates with the fastest fan speed, before slowing down. So it cools much faster and reaches the desired temperature in the shortest time.

It’s Durable

Yes, we are talking about the durability here. The DuraFin+ of S-Essential Air Conditioner is made of corrosion-resistant material to protect the condenser from rusting, which helps to maintain the optimal performance of the Heat Exchanger.

It Makes Sure You Have Clean and Fresh Air At Home

The HD Filter of S-Essential Air Conditioner is effective at capturing dust, airborne contaminants and allergens, such as pollen, mold spores and pet dander. With this, you are one step closer to create a germ-free home environment for your family. The plus point is it’s washable, so all you need to do is give it a quick rinse in water and then reuse it.

It Cools Every Corner Evenly

The 2-Way Auto Swing function creates a comfortable environment with an even temperature in every corner. It will control the air flow direction automatically, so cool air can be rapidly and evenly distributed across the room. It can expel cool or warm air further and in every direction to ensure maximum comfort.

The Samsung S-Essential Air Conditioners can do more than just deliver a breath of fresh and cooling air in your home. With purifying technology and eco-friendly energy-efficient modes, it can transform your home into a healthier, more restful oasis amid the scorching tropical heat.

From now until 30 November 2020, you can create a refreshing oasis at home with Samsung S-Essential Air Conditioners offers, as listed below. Save up to RM 400 and enjoy 2-year warranty and 5-year warranty on compressor when you purchase the selected Samsung S-Essential Air Conditioners! Terms and Conditions apply.





Promo Price (RM)

S-Essential , 1.0HP




S-Essential , 1.5HP




S-Essential , 2.0HP




S-Essential , 2.5HP




For more details please visit the Samsung Malaysia website.

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