Scale or Fail — Why MSSPs Need Multitenant Security Solutions

Scale or Fail — Why MSSPs Need Multitenant Security Solutions 1

Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) have it rough. They have the burden of protecting their client organizations from cyberattacks, with clients from different industries, different security stacks, and different support requirements. And everything is in a constant state of flux.

MSSPs are turning to multitenant solutions to help reduce the complexity of managing multiple security solution instances across their client base. Multitenancy allows various independent instances of a solution to be managed in a single, shared environment.

Cybersecurity company Cynet just published an instructive paper on the benefits along with the key considerations MSSPs should evaluate when selecting a multitenant platform (download here).

Eliminating Information Overload with a Single Pane of Glass

Many MSSPs suffer from information whiplash – jumping between screens every time a different client environment needs attention. And, effectively monitoring and responding to the torrent of security data across multiple clients requires a significant investment in resources.

According to a recent [Cynet report], multitenant platforms allow MSSPs to scale their business with far fewer…

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