[Video] Dell’s Most Expensive Laptop

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[Video] Dell’s Most Expensive Laptop 1
[Video] Dell’s Most Expensive Laptop 2
[Video] Dell’s Most Expensive Laptop 3
[Video] Dell’s Most Expensive Laptop 4
[Video] Dell’s Most Expensive Laptop 5

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  1. The macbook Pro is a prosumer product whereas this is full on professional kit. I have one (not full crazy spec) for civil engineering 3D modelling apps. Our office only runs laptops and we frequently work from home, even before the plague. It was given to me by my firm and they will give me a new one in a couple of years, they almost certainly aren't paying RRP. Individuals don't buy this kit, also the gaming benchmark is irrelevant as most of these will be locked down due to corporate IT policy restrictions.

  2. I have no idea why, but I can also tell you my dad is an electrical engineer and they bought him the 17 inch version of this laptop and I have been drooling over it… not sure why they got him that, but the other side is, there is no way they paid 13k for it, because they buy laptops in bulk

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