[Video] Does Amazon Prime Day Suck?

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  1. It's just a shop having a sale.

    I don't know how sales work in other countries but in the UK they are normally about clearing old stock or stuff that the junior in the procurement team ordered 100,000 of instead of 100, so mostly things you don't really want unless you're after something old but not that old, or get lucky.

    They may offer a tempting, genuine offer, to get your interest but they will often be very limited in stock and make up a fraction of a percentage items on sale.

    Amazon is just a shop having a sale.

  2. Those video cards are mostly meant for workstations that need to run multiple monitors where the integrated graphics are already maxed out. It’s really not meant for someone looking for a primary gaming GPU

  3. I managed to get some trainers on the cheap and couple of bits and bobs, nothing major though and not much tech apart from bluetooth headset and earphones. Missed out on a logitech wireless g305 mouse though

  4. So i code a lot and dont enjoy a real social life much, and the quote "show me your friends and ill show you your future" sticks with me, so i prefer to develop stuff than socialisie and my sports are solo events. Meaning most of my entertainment and outside perspectives come from online, have to say with the recent events in various entertainment outlets that linus tech tips has been the only thing thats survived over the years. Outstanding quality team, thanks

  5. Actually, if you were looking for drives to shuck, the WD Elements discount was amazing this year. Apart from that I got me a new chair, some earbuds and an air fryer.
    Overall, I saved about 100€.

  6. Prime day was a joke. A few things I looked at there was the RRP, prime price then discounted price. The savings was off the imaginary RRP price. I've really started to dislike Amazon as of late. Update. I just check one of the items I looked at yesterday and it's the same price today as it was then. The rrp has come down though.

  7. You guys had to log in + checkout to get the prime deal price applied…

    The price changes (applied as a discount) on the checkout page. Honey does not track these properly.

    If you scrub through the recorded video again and take a look at the section below the price on every prime deal item (Join Prime and get $XYZ off this item), that's what the prime deal is.

    This opinion is my own and not representative of Amazon, but Amazon does need to work on some proper UI here to not confuse customers.

  8. Over the years anything i have sitting on save later in cart or on wishlist has never been on prime day markdown so IMO its nothing to look forward to. And honestly, black friday/cyber monday I never see markdowns either on things I actually need or want to put together next.

  9. Linus – You seem to have forgotten that, Amazon has different sellers. Most of the earth population believes that everything on Amazon is actually by Amazon, but its not.
    Its by different sellers. and about 40% or more are fake sellers selling fake products or cheap ass products and Amazon allows this.
    Many have complained, but Amazon doesn't care because Amazon is about making money no matter how they make money including from fake sellers.
    I have seen so much shit on Amazon, that screws over people, and the first thing Amazon will tell customers is "Take it up with the seller not us"
    Most products are not sold by Amazon, but in fact gets shipped by Amazon shipping service, NOT the purchasing department.
    Amazon seriously needs an overhaul of their entire website and its so called sellers.

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