[Video] Every other monitor is DEAD to me – LG CX OLED 48"

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48 Comments on “[Video] Every other monitor is DEAD to me – LG CX OLED 48"”

  1. for me, the biggest issue is the pixel density. Go for it if you don't mind having pixel density that was available last 15 years which is why the price is tempting. for 48" it should have 8k or something like 6k. I am looking for a monitor right now and this did tick all the other boxes except I want it to be max 32", 27 prefered so I can fit 3 of them on my desk easily.

  2. If LG can make this at 40" with a matte coating it would pretty much be my dream monitor. Many reviews of this TV don't mention that this is a glossy screen. It's perhaps the biggest difference to the normal PC monitors that people are used to, which mostly have a matte coating to mute screen reflections. I own a B6 which I suspect has the same type of glass as they use in the newer models, and it is highly reflective up close, as is also evident from Linus review. It is not a problem when you sit further away because the reflective space becomes smaller. But sitting up close you are going to be looking at your self when showing darker content. Imo it reduces immersion quite a bit.

  3. Nice-nice but you still have the burn-in issue with OLED TVs/monitors.. If you play games for a long period of time the menu or the logo will burn-in for sure.

  4. For one, he has one of those yuppy / millennial pretentious desks that is more about looks than function, get rid of that narrow POS desk for starters. And, as usual. He is way way late to the game. There is a 126 page thread on this display going back nearly a year with a lot more real world detail and information than what this kid has. Check out hardOCP for real info. We can also help you get into the service menu and download the newest engineering firmware.

  5. PC monitors have anti reflection coatings. Older LCD tv's also had anti reflection. New TV's are total crap for PC use, it's like sitting in front of a fucking mirror. You can even see that in this video. LOOK AT THE REFLECTION. Linus are you blind or something, how can you not see yourself in the TV/mirror?

    They remove the anti reflection in order to have better contrast, which is good for watching movies in the dark. Not so good for PC productivity use or gaming.

  6. Once you go self emitting pixels, you won't look back. I have used C9 as PC monitor in my gaming room for almost 2 years now, at peak brightness and there is zero burn in, B6 before that, also, zero burnin and we are talking thousands of hours of gaming. Image quality is INSANE compared to even the best PC monitors. HDR just pop. I can't wait till LCD is completely dead and gone. I hope MicroLED replaces everything in 5-10 years. Can't wait to play Cyberpunk 2077 with DLSS 2.0 maxed out in native 4K with 100+ fps on my 3080.

  7. Here's something I don't see anyone discussing, not even Linus – the subpixel structure of LG OLED TV's is poor, and not really suitable for pixel-precision work. Whenever there is a sharp contrast in colors, some subpixels of a particular color will light up or fail to light up, right where two solid colors meet. Since the subpixels are arranged horizontally, this means VERTICAL colored lines can appear where the contrast is strong. You can see it in this video, e.g., at 4:12 – look at the vertical edge of the alien spaceship cockpit. Part of the cockpit is a set of black, vertical lines, framing the yellow cockpit interior. You can see subtle vertical red and green lines appearing there, where the black cockpit boundary meets the bright yellow cockpit interior. That is because red and green subpixels are firing incorrectly. This doesn't happen on any LCD screen I own. I noticed it within a minute of use of my 55 LG C7. I still really like the OLED screen as a monitor, and you surely would never notice this effect watching films, but it can be jarring when watching high-contrast web content with lots of big blocks of solid colors.

  8. Dumb question – if you need a high speed camera to actually tell which monitor is better, isn’t it wasting money at that point? I wish you had also talked about non gamer computer workers that stare at code or text all day. I use dark mode and I am sure this oled would be wonderful. But these things are so damned expensive.

  9. I've got such short-sight, I wouldn't be able to see a pixel an inch away from the screen….yes, that does give me a very cinematic viewing experience for pretty much everything though, shallow depth of field, great bokeh

  10. I’m a little late to this video, but anybody got predictions on BF deals for this OLED? I need a TV 50” or less for Xbox Series X and this seems to be the only one with HDMI 2.1 and more next-gen features. (I’ve seen the LG Nano85 with Hdmi 2.1 but it looks like local dimming and HDR performace is terrible)

  11. Have had to use my 55" C7 OLED as my PC monitor for about 2yrs now. No burn in issues. Would love to take it down to 48" and have 2.1 HDMI/120Hz for my PS5, and new graphics card. But I also want a 65" as a main tv. I don't know which I want to do first….

  12. Any monitor larger than 32" or so just feels like too much to me. My mom has this bigass 42" TV as her monitor and I tried using it one time….was constantly swiveling my head left and right just to look at either side of the thing. The 32" that I have right now feels like it's teetering on the line of "too large", but I can look at any part of it by just moving my eyes around.

  13. I bought a 43” tv to use as a 4K computer monitor and I love it! It’s not perfect, but it was cheap and looks great! I can’t imagine going back to a 21” HD screen like I had before.

  14. I had a LG C9 oled for a monitor but had to return it because the auto brightness limiter made it too dark to use for productivity. It cant be adjusted or turned off so buyer beware. Games and movies looked great for sure but just couldn't use for anything else .

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