[Video] How does Linus make money? – 2020 Update

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[Video] How does Linus make money? - 2020 Update 3
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  1. Just started my free trial of YouTube premium 2 days ago. Glad to here it helps the creators I like. I'm gonna continue using this, the monthly charge is way cheaper in my country.

  2. " none of your beeswax" – correct my dude! You run a clearly successful private company! keep brining out the great content and ill continue to give you fractions of cents from adsense. . . seems a little one sided when I put it that way. I might have to buy a waterbottle to not feel like such a cheapskate!

  3. Respect for the title change. When I saw the original title I thought it was a gangster move to actually tell people how much you earn, but then when it turned out you actually didn't say it the title felt misrepresenting. Anyway big ups for this video, interesting stuff!

  4. Maybe if you aren't that figures focused and see them only as a means to an end, why not give us a video on what you've been able to do for your staff through the growth of LMG and plans for the future more generally?

  5. good, we don't need to know specifics on how much you and each individual employee makes. The important thing is that everyone that works under your brand is well looked after (see the turnover rate, pretty sure only 3 people left and it wasn't for anything malicious), that the work culture is non-threatening and that the funds aren't derived from malicious-intented sources.

  6. If he gets a billion views a year on yt with all the channels. that’s at least 2 million $ which makes 26% of his revenue saying that if we round it to 25% which is fine because it’s probably more than 2 million $ 25%*4 = 2million*4= 8 million at the very least

  7. "Finally, reason number 3; it's none of your bizwags…" I don't know why this felt like that most legitimate reason for not telling how much the channel makes.

    Great work Linus. Keep the fire burning.

  8. My guess considering. Linus prolly pays 120-150k a year. I can cite a few years for this.
    1. Linus plays the long game and even with all the tech he owns he gets from sponsors mostly and does as LTT projects so he write them off on taxes (dunno about Canadian taxes but if like US taxes ya) He prolly invests a good chunk of that into his and Yvonne's retirement.
    2. I'd imagine That house of theirs is prolly paid off by now. Cite reason 1. Linus is a Long game player.
    3. As much as people like to joke about Linus I don't think he has a superiority complex and thinks he is above anyone else at the organization. What you get on camera is prolly a hyped up persona.
    Jay, Kyle(Bitwit), Paul, Jerry(Barnucles) all know Linus is very awkward and different on camera. WHO TALKS ABOUT SOCKS during a wedding reception?!
    thats my take. shrug

  9. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I don't care how much Linus brings home, as long that I know he is treating his staff well and the channel keeps growing with more exciting content everyday! Thank you Linus and the amazing team behind you, for the content you're bringing the community! 🙂 P.S. Hope you see this comment in the sea!

  10. Hey Linus , you guys deserve every penny you make, you provide ,Entertainment,Integrity,Knowledge all the things that are needed more in the world today, I've been a viewer/subscriber for quite a few years now and I can honestly say you are the go to tech channel, I still do my research with other channels before buying, but I have to say, You have guided my purchases for the last 10 years
    and I have never regretted my decisions. So I'd just like to say from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

  11. You are one of those guys who deserve their audience and every penny you get for this channel. Keep up the good work.. you and your videos always make me day better

  12. I'm not actually interested in the answer. Knowing how much Linus makes is absolutely not necessary info to me.

    But it's curious how people aren't comfortable sharing exact info about their income to others. Almost everyone I know is like that, but I never understood why.

    "Oh nice, how much does your new job pay?"
    "Uhm, I'm not comfortable telling you, but I can say I got nice raise :)"

    Why are numbers so scary to people in general?

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