28 Comments on “[Video] I Bought the $800 Chair Endorsed by Celebrities”

  1. when did "PU Leather" become "Vegan Leather". Aren't they the same thing??

    I mean I'm all for not using real leather, although plastic leather isn't great for the environment either, but they are trying to pass of "Vegan Leather" as some sort of premium material.

  2. Herman Miller or Steelcase chairs are the way to go if you're going to spend that much money. Both have been making nice office chairs for over 100 years and there are a good amount of choices at the $500 to 900 range. I personally use a Steelcase Think

  3. Ikeas best office chair is the Renberget and it's only $60 CDN, comes in one box you can put in a small car, and takes about 20 mins to assemble. 10/10 recommend saving the $700 and getting one of those instead

  4. You pay for comfortable and support. It’s just like shoes. People think cheaper is better but in the long run it’ll ruin your back. The chair is expensive but just like everything else it’s an investment. That being said.. still can’t afford one lol

  5. I'm not an architect, just a random construction worker but you might want to get that crack on your floor checked. Maybe you've done it already but if you haven't, do it! These are usually a sign of structural weakness.

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