[Video] Intel lost the game – AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal

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[Video] Intel lost the game - AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal 1
[Video] Intel lost the game - AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal 2
[Video] Intel lost the game - AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal 3
[Video] Intel lost the game - AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal 4
[Video] Intel lost the game - AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal 5

35 Comments on “[Video] Intel lost the game – AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal”

  1. What if suddenly all the intel chips are shifted to 7nm? Will they get ahead of amd in the cpu race taking the current market condition in consideration?

  2. I'm sorry but every cycle I hear the same thing. Percentage increase, numbers numbers numbers on paper. But every generation when I play the games on AMD hardware, CPU and GPU, the games I like playing are just not performing nearly as well as Intel and Nvidia. I can have 250fps on any game but when there's dips, dives and stall outs in those frames then none of the numbers matter any more. Idk if that means the games I like playing were built on Intel/Nvidia machines or what but all I care about is the end result in my gaming experience.

  3. Intel : the 10th gen cpus are the best for gaming n stuff


    (coffin dance music starts)

    Intel : what is that music?


  4. AMD deserves the place they are in right now…though their long term strategy has paid in such short time frame and pushing intel to come up with a different game changer or strategy in cpu market, i hope they will not bow out in the face of such immense challenges because this tug of war ultimately benefits the one party they all try to catch….the consumers…

  5. Intel is the Howard Hughes of the tech world. In the beginning it was
    impossible for Intel to bork shit…… At the end they're like an old man
    with nothing to wear besides a shower robe living as a recluse on the
    top floor of a hotel. Unable to listen to any criticism due to slowly going deaf.

  6. Intel's fall from grace started back in year 2000 when they were caught having put locator software in their CPU's. It blew up in their face.
    Then recently they limited their CPU's so that a person could no longer choose their OS of choice but had to go with Windows 10.
    In the early 90's they were discovered to be milking the market for all it was worth till AMD kicked down their front door.

    It's been nearly 20 years of waiting on my part to finally get the satisfaction of Intel being shoved off their pedestal. Good!

  7. meh, use it for 6 months and see if it still works.

    i have such a pile of dead AMD ryzen stuff in the corner of the shop , i'll never buy one.

    great if you want cheap horsepower… but cheap AMD is.

    Price/Quality/Performance … Choose 2.

    amd was fast and cheap, intel is fast and good.

    now amd isnt even cheap. no good reason at all.

  8. Yeah well i hope you are right Linus, that Intel time in the back seat will help them like old days, because when you have a their CEO Swan saying this :

    But Swan said that trying to maintain its 90% market share has had a detrimental effect on Intel because it means the company misses out on other opportunities, and that could be harmful as technologies such as AI become more widespread. Instead of protecting the 90% market share in CPUs, Swan wants Intel to command a smaller 30% market share in “all silicon.”

    “I’m trying to destroy the thinking about having 90% share inside our company because, I think it limits our thinking, I think we miss technology transitions,” Swan said. “We miss opportunities because we’re, in some ways preoccupied with protecting 90%, instead of seeing a much bigger market with much more innovation going on. So we come to work in the morning with a 30% share, with every expectation over the next several years that we will play a larger and larger role in our customers success, and that doesn’t just mean CPUs.”

    Rather than focus only on CPUs, Swan wants Intel to become a leader in the market for graphics processing units and accelerators such as field-programmable gate arrays, which are increasingly being used to power AI workloads such as machine learning.


    I am not sure they are that enthusiastic to compete that much anymore in the CPU space, looks like Swan want's to take the company and turn it with other horizon then just CPUs…

    While AMD is focusing on High Performance Computing, we will see i guess, but competition is so good as we can all see right now WOW…

  9. By end of this year and the start of the next year I will upgrade my years old PC for the next decade. It has already died and I am just waiting on things to get released or be available.

  10. @6:45 I have partial hearing loss and at times i confuse words with others and often hear 2 words as one like when Linus says "which means we could see a diarrhoea increase" lol

  11. It's unbelievable, to me, that Intel's CEO is still in the reigns of that company. If you ever need proof a bean counter isn't the kind of guy that should run a tech company, you only need to look at Intel.

  12. Alright, sooo I'm not sure what to do now. Just wanted to get the Ryzen 7 3800x, is that a bad idea now? Should I wait and buy the Ryzen 5 5600x, will that one be better? It's the closest to the 3800x when talking about the price point. I NEED HELP, ANYONE

  13. Thanks all fans go for Ryzen , i got my i5 9400F just USD 140 . the MSI H310 mobo and Corsair 16GB ram are used , Deepcool Gammaxx 400 whole set with just USD250.00. why i need go for over price Ryzen R3 3300X or R5 3600 .

  14. eight core zen3 clocked to 4ghz is 19% faster than eight core zen2 clocked to 4ghz. Zen 3 is clocked about 200 mhz faster across the board so additional 5-7% improvement. Zen2 on average was less than 5% slower than intel in gaming. SO RIP intel.

  15. So by looking on AMD presentation it appears that for exemple in Far Cry New Dawn Ryzen 9 5900X will beat i9 10900k by 2% but Ryzen 9 5950X is "TIED" in this game against i9 10900k ?? I think we all should wait for the real time benchmarks.

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