[Video] iPhone 12 (Pro) Review

My review of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro
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Dolby Vision HDR Video from Jonathan Morrison:

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36 Comments on “[Video] iPhone 12 (Pro) Review”

  1. Well, i see your point on distinguishing the pro from the regular with high refresh rate but then again, in 2021 it is unacceptable to have even the regular iphone 13 in 60Hz only, 90 would be acceptable

  2. Just like any Apple product this year, I feel like Apple has made some terrible decisions on these new iPhones.
    They are mainly 5G and thickness.
    5G is cool in itself, it’s super fast and is the future of mobile connectivity, but it is way too far from being ready, especially outside the US. So marketing it so much and embracing it as the primer new feature makes no sense.
    Then the worst part of the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple going thinner again.
    Last year, they finally understood that to have very good battery life, you had to go slightly thicker, but this year, in combination with the 5G antennas which take up space, they decided to literally kill one of the best features of the 11 Pro and Pro Max: battery life.
    The new iPhones are now 7.4mm thick from 8.1mm last year, and the battery size is greatly reduced. So is battery life.
    And this alone is just impossible to accept, Apple had finally created the best battery life on almost any phone, and they just threw that away.

  3. I was with apple, but because they keep lobbying for anti repair bills. I don't support them. Slowly but surely those bills theyre paying politicians for, are going to ruin lots of small businesses.

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