[Video] iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Test Comparison.

Full 4K camera test and comparison of iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 Pro! iPhone 12…


  1. Thanks for the camera review. This is one of the reasons why I want to upgrade from my XS to the 12PRo. While the 11 pro is still a good phone/camera, the iPhone 12pro camera will be worth the upgrade.

  2. These may be the smallest, most incrimental changes to photography improvements model to model I've ever seen… You could get the same slight variation in lighting with the same phone in slightly different angles… For the money they need to deliver way more than slightly enhanced focus imo

  3. Y'all kill me using these Apple marketing terms as if it's something new… All this "Deep Fusion" crap is, is HDR+ that's it… So stop… Also all of the photos look the same between the new and old iPhones you really are being an iSheep with this video.

  4. 2018: apple 7 – no headphone jack
    2019 : apple 9 – no air pods
    2020: apple 12 – no charger
    2021: apple 13 – no charging port
    2025 : apple 15 & more – no phone , just have this apple sticker and stick in your phone

  5. Samsung already has this feature since long. In iPhone apple names this feature as DEEP FUSION and SANSUNG named it as SINGLE TAKE.

    In this feature of Samsung if you clock picture using SINGLE TAKE. It will capture several pictures of yours and will merge then and keep 1 or 2 photos which are best out of all.

    So learn that these YouTubers who are talking good about Apple they are paid for marketing. Apple does 0 innovation but 10 times more price.

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