[Video] iPhone 12 – The iPhone is New Again

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24 Comments on “[Video] iPhone 12 – The iPhone is New Again”

  1. Just want to say this guy contributed to the success of iphone 6. Now we're at iphone 12. Time flies so fast, indeed.

    One thing didn't change tho — i still can't afford one. Lol

  2. I woke up 445 am today to buy iphone12 from their online launch. Their website didn’t function until 510am. It was lagging until 530 am. I was going for iPhone 12 mini and I couldn’t buy it. At 6 10 am, I realised it’s not available until November 6!
    Apple is so smart! I almost bought the iPhone 12 pro coz they are available soonest.
    You’re so nice to say you don’t know why iphone12 mini is available later. It’s a sales strategy…

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