[Video] iPhone 12 – What were Apple thinking?

Full review of the iPhone 12 launch event, including my brutally honest opinion on price, specs….

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  1. ibuy apply (like that) mainly because apple is good about updates. Otherwise i prefer samsung but no updates in the android world for the most part. I mean iphone 6 still getting updates nearly 7 years later.

  2. yup, and my new car came without engine, they say you have engine in last year model… btw, engine mount will not fit new model, you have to buy conversion kit extra… oh, and we do not give you right to do it your self, just certified mastermechmind can screw that screw or it is not a car anymore and you lose warranty

  3. 11:40 bruh i mean, i belive you, but so far, the XR has like the longest battery life in Apple history. Seriously, maybe try an experiment on that, or maybe with all the iPhones you bought. (no offence)

  4. Generation/Family of iPhone:
    iPhone X/10 = Father of iPhone 6s Pro (so curvy)

    iPhone 12 = Father of iPhone SE (So boxy)

    iPhone 11 = Cousin of iPhone 10

    iPhone XS Max = Sister of iPhone 11

    iPhone 11 Pro Max = Mother of iPhone 11

    iPhone 9 = ???????????????????

  5. So want to be an Apple guy, but cannot get over their support for sweat shops and what is essentially slave labor in China. They may have me if they move their manufacturing operations to the US.

  6. Aron, thanks for staying up all night to make another great video. I have been a loyal fan/subscriber for years and really appreciate your high-quality content, expert knowledge, honest/relatable opinions and bright personality. You are a valuable asset to the YouTube community and your hard-work and dedication to your channel is unapparelled. Keep up the great work!

  7. Stop making Apple Products reviews . Apple is using you and other big tech channel for their expensive market growth for free. Apple products are EXPENSIVE ,and becoming more and more expensive cause of Big Tech channels reviews. Trust me Stopping Review of apple products makes them Stop hiking their price. This is a Simple step. 1 video views doesn't matter for an youtuber, but it influence others for their wrong decission. Nothing is secured in this Generation in terms of security. A person using internet is always vulnerable. Iphone always cost more than a DSLR with prime lens . where is the plus point for APPLE ? I have no extra words for this. Please Stop this ..

  8. I have an IPhone 7 and use a usb-c to lightning cable to charge it. I’ll happily take advantage of this new cord. Convenient to plug into my laptop and outlets at work have usb-c ports built in.

    Sure it’ll suck for many people, but don’t think just people with the 11pro will be able to take advantage of it.

  9. Everyone saying who cares is just sheep lmao 🤣 bruh how are y’all ok with it not coming with a brick if I’m paying over 1k for it smh this is out of hand they are openly exploiting that people buy new phone every year, so how can we increase our profit every year 😳 I think every phone standard should come with AirPods and a brick and cord we are paying computer prices atp these companies say they care about the customers but will try to extract their money every year with new antics . Let’s not mention every new OS is designed to slow performance on the older phones to force an upgrade now they making u pay extra just to get a wall charger FOH a billion dollar company trying to cut back to help their “environment “ smh

    a)12 MP camera is sooooooooooo behind,and no matter what,it can only keep a stable result,not the best.
    b)60hz refresh rate?On a 1599$ Phone?lol.
    c)20w charger is ultra-mega slow when you look at Oppo's current 65w charger,Huawei's upcoming 66w charger,or maybe iQoo and Xiaomi's 120w charger.
    d)The design is practically the same.Now I know you guys will probably say that this one is more boxy but after you put a transparent case (which I hope should come in the box) or a plastic colorful case on it has literally no difference.
    e)The Battery is absolutely trash.The previous iPhone 11 series already had a small battery,but this time,it is even smaller.2000mah?For 699$?Seriously?Nearly every single android phone for the price has a 2x larger battery.
    f)The A14 bionic is very bad,as the chip is targeting the Snapdragon 875 and the Kirin 9000,but as far from its antutu scores,it is very depressing
    A14 Bionic-572,000 Score
    Kirin 9000-690,000
    Snapdragon 875-Based on current rumors and leaks:880,000-1,000,000+
    g)If the price continues to rise like this, then the iPhone 100(after my calculations) will be priced around £100,000+.That is the price without the charger,without the box,without any free earphones, without the screen and without the body.Maybe the chip as well.

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