[Video] My New INSANELY Light Laptop…

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[Video] My New INSANELY Light Laptop... 1
[Video] My New INSANELY Light Laptop... 2
[Video] My New INSANELY Light Laptop... 3
[Video] My New INSANELY Light Laptop... 4
[Video] My New INSANELY Light Laptop... 5

46 Comments on “[Video] My New INSANELY Light Laptop…”

  1. The shit show didn't even started and he said "YOU'RE GOING TO LIVE, LIFE."
    I'm closing the video now, bye, I thought I already filtered this garbage to oblivion but YouTube is stubborn.

  2. Hi Sir Lew! Don’t want to be rude. Just want to ask if you have a spare second hand laptop? My niece need laptop for her online school. But we can’t afford it. She study well and have decent grades. Hope you’d notice this message Sir Lew. πŸ™‚

  3. Lenovo has the absolute worst customer service/support of any company I've ever encountered. Look up their customer reviews, they're atrocious. Because of this I would never buy another Lenovo product again.

  4. I do not like the new intros where you show clips from later in the episode. An unboxing is supposed to be a reveal but you spoil it by showing the item first thing in the video.

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