[Video] My OnePlus 8T Review!

Dave2D OnePlus 8T Review – With Camera Samples. There’s no Oneplus 8T Pro this year. The OP8T is the newest offering from OnePlus.

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[Video] My OnePlus 8T Review! 1
[Video] My OnePlus 8T Review! 2
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33 Comments on “[Video] My OnePlus 8T Review!”

  1. They've fucked themselves talking shit about others. They couldnt ever deliver on never settle, because they always settled. It was never a better flagship. Now they think they can compete with the big boys putting out even more devices…..yeah sorry dawg. Won't be getting my money anytime soon.

  2. RIP Battery longevity with that fast a charger.
    Clearly they haven't been testing the battery life for really long time but simulated environment can never be trusted as equivalent to real world conditions.
    Last OnePlus I used was OP2 and then it never amused me ever. So Never Settle for OnePlus, buy better.
    Plus, they are all blue colour, right? :/
    Camera though is much better than iPhone 11 in any condition and that is one crazy high priced device in India. OP breached and reached about 60k in India and lost value for money proposition.

  3. Finally someone who said what I was thinking also. Most probably in 2021 we will see a flagship killer again from OP. 8T shows that intention, but cannot do that because no one will buy the 8 anymore. Also, Carl Pei left, so another sign. This year they wanted to reach high ground.

  4. I think you hit the nail in the head here. This is exactly my issue with companies trying to have multiple product lines. Eventually, they end up competing with each other and holding each other back. Samsung and Xiaomi are notorious for this and while they do sell a good number of phones, nothing in particular really stands out and it makes it harder for potential customers to choose. Brands should really streamline their offerings. One budget/mid-range phone and one high-end (or two if they want to do a mini) are more than enough. That way, they can just pack everything they have on it and people will easily remember and gravitate towards it instead of having 2 flagships a year and some lower-end models. OnePlus was doing so well when they only had one phone. It was easy to recommend it to people and it was easy for it to stand out. Even iPhones back then, despite still selling very well, wasn't as confusing to their customers when they only had one device a year.

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