[Video] My thoughts on the S20 FE & Pixel 5

Thoughts on how the Pixel 5 stacks up against the Samsung S20 FE
At $700 these are VERY different phones

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[Video] My thoughts on the S20 FE & Pixel 5 1
[Video] My thoughts on the S20 FE & Pixel 5 2
[Video] My thoughts on the S20 FE & Pixel 5 3
[Video] My thoughts on the S20 FE & Pixel 5 4
[Video] My thoughts on the S20 FE & Pixel 5 5

44 Comments on “[Video] My thoughts on the S20 FE & Pixel 5”

  1. IMHO samsung = good hardware, screens, tv, etc. Software is not their thing. Updates? Never. Bloatware and custom UI, too many useless features over all. Everything that 95% of people need is: Fast UI, good camera, fast app load times and fast navigation. That's what Pixel gets you = consistent performance over the years. Even Pixel 2 to this day performs the same as the day it was released. Samsung… not so much.

  2. I'm a huge Pixel fan but I will definitely pick the S 20 FE at its current price of $599. The Pixel is $100 more and does not add enough value to justify the purchase. Maybe the Pixel will be a better deal when it goes on sale.

  3. I absolutely agree with Dave here. I am a Samsung hater (I guess) using a Samsung mid range phone. It caused a lot of problems after 6 months of usage.

  4. What I don't like is that every tech reviewer out there crticise samsung or other companies for including software features. If you really don't like features that much why don't you buy an android jelly bean phone? Least features so less buggy right? I get that some features are useless but many people buy these phones and watch your reviews because they are tech savvy so they would love to have some features like floating windows. Basically you are crticising a a brand for including a feature. Another thing I see is that while you pointed out a little bigger cutout and silver lining in s20 fe but no one talks about the iPhone xr's big bessels and iphone uppercut out in general. They just say that it's smooth and butter and all that. Nothing about screen design and nothing about the usb c port unavailability. Just the UI. Pls reply if you read this dave (something j have said are a little exaggerated but most of the things are true).

  5. I was waiting for a good sub-145mm-height phone for a while now and I got it. cba walking with a tablet in my pocket. Camera, design, software and size are the big advantages of Pixel 5 over S20 FE for me.

  6. some people forget that the pixel 5 comes with android 11 and the s20 fe comes with android 10. so if both have 3 years of updates, the pixel 5 will get android 14 meanwhile the s20 fe will stuck on android 13

  7. Pixel 5's aluminum body with wireless charging feature (reverse also) is unbeatable at this point in time I believe.
    You can't compare a Samsung s20 FE's plastic body with it! I think here the discussion should end.

  8. We'll have to wait and see. But, going by your track record, you could very well be right. Wish, they had retained the telephoto lens. That would have made it an even more enticing option…

  9. Direct comparison to my current device.

    Comparing it to my current phone (>2 year old) I don't really like the size. It has the same diagonal size of 6" but the aspect ratio makes a smaller phone (less usable area) and the charging solution is slower, wish the battery was bigger on the pixel but on such a small phone you can't possibly ask for more, you can only pray for good optimization.
    Otherwise, better camera, newer chipset (I suppose it's better than an old sd800 series chipset), glass+aluminum is something that i'm used to and i'm in love with, 128GB+8GB is what I have right now and it's still plenty (I got used to no micro sd) wish it was ufs 3.0 tho.

    Price and availability, oh this is bad….

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