[Video] Nvidia tried to bury this… Radeon 6000 (RIP RTX 3090)

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34 Comments on “[Video] Nvidia tried to bury this… Radeon 6000 (RIP RTX 3090)”

  1. Please i am begging you i am indian i didnt have a pc and your videos and you are awesome.Please please please please please please give me a pc please sir please sir . Sir will you give me a one . Any which i could play gta 5 i never played gta 5 before please reply please reply..

  2. So we know ryzen 5000 series is faster than anything currently on the market so that's one advantage. We don't see any raytracing stats, so that is sus, but yeah I can live without raytracing.. but DLSS is the real deal. Let's see what happens when we get some independant reviews. Fan boys stand back and stand by. I think I remeber seeing vega 64 benchmarks making my 1080ti look slow… and yeah that did'nt come to fruition.

  3. for all those non-gamers watching:
    The DjRAM (silent j) which he refers to in this video is a sub-genre of progressive gaming music known for sounds of high intensity key-mashing, enraged player screamo lyrics, with ambient over tones of overworked fans spinning.

  4. Sounds like a Ryzen 5000 series based PC with a Nvidia rtx30 series card versus a ryzen 5000 series based pc with an amd 6000 series card comparison video is required Linus 🙏🙏😉👍

    Thanks as always for your videos. Best on YouTube 👍

  5. Radeon 6000 is 36% less powerful than the RTX 3070, it is not even equivalent to the 2080ti.

    Stop your fake advertising

    go watch the tests of real professional and not of commercial.

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