[Video] PC building SPEED challenge!

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[Video] PC building SPEED challenge! 1
[Video] PC building SPEED challenge! 2
[Video] PC building SPEED challenge! 3
[Video] PC building SPEED challenge! 4
[Video] PC building SPEED challenge! 5

27 Comments on “[Video] PC building SPEED challenge!”

  1. Linus, if you have antiquated parts, why don’t you have a raffle drawing for a PC where each dollar spent equals 1 ticket. And you only end the raffle once the ticket sales pays for the PC parts? I might spend a few bucks for a chance to win.

  2. Dream if he was building computers

    So guys today i was building a computer and 4 people were trying to stop me. Will i be able to finish it or will they break the parts before i even have the chance to put them together?
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  3. Hey Linus I’ve been watching for a while and if you read this I’m going to be mind blown but I’m saving for a pc and been saving for almost a year and have 200 dollars I just want to say if you see this I’m going to be mind blown and someday I’m going to finally build my dream pc also I subscribed on my new account

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