[Video] Series X vs. Xbox One – What's the Difference??

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[Video] Series X vs. Xbox One - What's the Difference?? 1
[Video] Series X vs. Xbox One - What's the Difference?? 2
[Video] Series X vs. Xbox One - What's the Difference?? 3
[Video] Series X vs. Xbox One - What's the Difference?? 4

36 Comments on “[Video] Series X vs. Xbox One – What's the Difference??”

  1. My Sony Fanboy tip for Xbox SX buyers: Don't put it in a closed furniture unless it has it's own air in/out-takes with fans. Same goes for the PS5 btw, except that the PS5 doesn't fit in a lot of TV furniture anyway.

  2. I feel like u dont need the series x if u have the one x bc the performance difference isnt alot but u get a new ssd and rtx and a better gpu on the series but the generation leep isnt much

  3. with all these consoles hitting the market, i suggest u do a video about best TVs for each console in different prices ( budgets and high end), and also best 1440p monitors for the series s

  4. Whilst it is true 100% that the Series X is a whole lot better than the One X, completely taking a shit on a console that last year you and everyone else was praising feels really shitty.

  5. PS4 pro and x1x really couldn't do proper 4k, it was a feature really wanted as mucha as 60fps for console and these new gens have set the bar now

    I am interested in xsx because of backwards compatibility

    Devs won't take advantage of the SSD so even pc versions will be optimized properly for loading

  6. It has, actually, 2 more games than the PS5 at the launch day, and much more around the launch day. Just google for the launch day titles of both platform. Don't forget Gamepass day 1 on the console, hundreds of games probably most of people never played before.

  7. On the note of external storage that you plug into the console via USB. Does anyone think we'll see products like Enmotus' new SSD that uses their FuzeDrive tech on the SSD itself become popular for the consoles? Like I know atm they've got a 1.6tb drive for 350, you could throw that in a USB-C/USB 3.# external casing and plug it in and you've got a relitavely cheap, very fast external drive? Or you could even got down in price and up in storage to like a 2tb Sabrent NVMe for like 100-150 less and a bit more storage?

    I don't know. It'll be interesting to see what happens, because those solutions are still going to load your games up faster than the One X using it's internal HDD….

  8. its good games now load faster but the problem of games becoming even bigger!!! Storage is going to be a big problem! Take COD for example, 175gb, how many of the likes of it can you install on a 1tb xbox device!

  9. lol broken sword on pc had an arkanoid game you could play while it installed. those were the days

    i would also say that next gen games are not necessarily going to be any bigger than they are now. xbox one x games already have 4k textures etc and depending on the game dont use vast amounts. series x will be no different.
    things like call of duty are anomalys that are meme worthy wastes of space

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