[Video] The All AliExpress PC

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29 Comments on “[Video] The All AliExpress PC”

  1. So basically, Linus is telling you stop buying from Aliexpress and instead use his Amazon and Newegg Affiliate links. I've been an Aliexpress customer for a long time and i have never had any problems with their products. What is disturbing me even more, is the fact that Linus didn't even pick the best rated or the most ordered items. He just came up with random parts without any details or respect to manufacturers. the time where Chinese brands had the worst reputation have long gone now, just deal with it instead of lying to people about Chinese Marketplace. There are very cool and quality products on Aliexpress, Just do a good search, watch and read reviews, and you will see yourself how actually Linus is the scammer one here.

  2. I agree AliExpress offers barely any savings but you shouldn't have paid 45 for a snowman. I have one, 26 CAD, shipped, and my 3600 never goes over 60 degrees now.

  3. You failed to make a decent build from aliexpress. THERE ARE CHANNELS THAT EXIST JUST OUT OF MAKING ALIEXPRESS BUILDS – GOOD ONES, not everyone one lives in the states or Canada so most people can't directly buy from your reputable sources, and if they can requieres a third party carrier that with additional shipping and costums makes Aliexpress a better option if you actually know how to buy there, clearly for you it's a joke but many ppl outside North America can and will prefer Ali for some if not all parts. You can refer yourself to PhilsComputerLab just as an example.

  4. You know it's bad when the Wish PC at least can run things. Not run things…Particularly well, but run things nonetheless. Wasn't it cheaper than this thing too?

    AliExpress to the dumpster, I suppose.

  5. I really want to know about this and I couldnt find the answer on the internet, What is PPT on AMD ryzen master and why is always at the 80-90% when I am rendering a 1080p Youtube video? LINUS PLEASE HELP.

  6. Hello I need some help I brought a r9 280x that the seller didint know if it worked.

    The gpu gets power (fans spinning and boost light turns on). But I get a message on my monitor saying (input not supported)

    Ive also tested different monitors and tvs still the same thing.
    I also tryed another gpu (gigabyte gtx660 oc) and I got a display.

  7. I was looking at those prices and thinking "damn that's expensive!" then I remembered it was Canadian Dollary Doo's so it's probably like £50 for the lot.

  8. Really, don't give any more money to the chinese government, these bastards are killing half the world with a smile on their faces and by buying on chinese stores you are empowering them to do even worse in the future. Don't feed the bully.

  9. "You don't wait to build your PC because your fans didn't arrive"

    Yes! That's the spirit! That's what I did earlier this year for my all aliexpress build as well. I mean I built it without any case fans at all.

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