[Video] The All Corsair Gaming Setup!

Thanks, Corsair, for sponsoring this video! Corsair’s stable of products is massive, covering everything from mice and keyboards to pc cases and SSDs.

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  1. Hey Corsair, I've had carbide 500R in black for almost 10 years now and it's in a surprisingly good shape, but my front panel jacks aren't working well any more. Do you have any of these front panels lying around?

  2. I would actually really like a "Brand build competition" where you make a few PCs out of only parts from individual companies like corsair, razer, steel series, logitech, whoever else and have a poll on which one we like the best. to keep it fair itll only be about aesthetic and ergonomics/practicality. the components like CPU, Mobo, and GPU will only be selected based on how well they match the theme of the build. basically no benchmarks.

  3. A new video idea: Make the ultimate content consuming room. including a 3 ultrawide monitor set up with an huge tv monitor above the set up. A beamer with a great sound system. a bed with a monitor above it so you can watch a serie or movie. it can be the most tech dens room in your studio. (maybe all powered by a server with a nas and 10g wifi?) but that is not all. add laptops with docking stations to all the screens tablets the best phones(docking station and wireless charging pads, smartwatches, ps5, xboxes, switches. leds/philips hue, vr setup smart speakers. it must be the least amount of space with the maximum amount of tech. media consumtion capabilities

  4. I like the look of the Corsair crystal 280x more then the case that was used in this video. It's a very unique case, and I personally love unique looking desktop cases/builds over the usual tower desktop. In the future when I build a new gaming rig, the corsair crystal 280x will definitely be among the selected cases I look at when choosing how I want my build to look.

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