[Video] The ALL MSI Gaming PC!

Thanks to MSI for sponsoring this video! We’re giving the people what they want, with a fresh build featuring MSI’s new RTX 3080 Gaming Trio X alongside a …

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  1. One guy at a subsidiary got his hands on 4 cards and scalped em on ebay.


  2. I just don’t see the point in RGB in a Computer, after all I would rather get cheaper non RGB parts and spend the different on a better graphic card, processor or more memory than in crappy RGB that NO ONE is going to see.

    So Linus with you build me that PC don’t bother with crappy RGB just put a better processor in it and more memory after all I would rather have more processing power than some crappy flashing lights.

  3. That case is crazy overpriced… I can't believe you heard $250 and didn't think it was bad… I guess it's because you don't really look at cases much any more…

  4. Got the MSI 3080 Gaming X Trio and I'm regretting it big time, first off power limit is locked at 100 (with an abysmal 350w limit) and I can hear coil whine when gaming.

  5. This really looks like MSI attempting to distract from controversy by paying one of the biggest tech YouTubers to prop up their brand. I'm disappointed. I understand you have a business and jobs to look out for, but I thought it was finally time to take a stand against a company whose culture allows for the scandals they have been involved in, when there are plenty of others who do not seem to have these problems.

  6. I liked MSI initially and bought an MSI Gaming Laptop from them, but was surprised by their after sales service or the lack thereof(Atleast in my region). I was already pissed at them and the recent events did not help either. They need some serious looking into their company. Until then I cannot recommend their products to my friends or get one for myself.

  7. So My Build is similar. Im running MSI B450 Gaming Pro carbon, MSI Gtx 1080 Gaming X, Ryzen 5 3600, Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro, MSI GK40 keyboard, MSI MAG271CR monitor, MSI GH50 Headsets along with Antec Dark Avenger case, Antec Prizm fans EVERYWHERE, Antec 750W PSU and Antec Cooler AIO system.. Im loving it but recently with new Mystic Light update, my RAM is no more visible to the program which forced me to Download iCUe.. Everything else i am Happy!

  8. After watching your videos for 7 years I've finally built a PC. I can't believe how well my friends and I were able to build from just watching your videos over the years.

  9. I actually have that case, had it since February and I'm loving it. I have really nothing bad to say it at all, its not cheap, but for my work/gaming station, it was worth it

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