[Video] The Most Mysterious Laptop Unboxing Yet…

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45 Comments on “[Video] The Most Mysterious Laptop Unboxing Yet…”

  1. I literally stopped the video untill he opened the lid because fuck that keyboard is cancerously confusing to look.main alphabet is much lower opacity than those branding A in every corner nah,main thing of this lappy is bad

  2. Why would a computer company collab with some underground fashion company and make insanely pretentious garbage? Who is this for? 😂 Too expensive, screen and keyboard isnt good for gamers or professionals lol.

  3. How Lew described the genre for this laptop, where he says it's a blend between gaming and business. Yeah that's my gaming setup: played resource-intensive games like Planet Coaster on a business computer

  4. It's a third time Samsung adv shown while watching do u thing we are fool and guy showing a laptop happy by seeing buble wrapping.check out his face expression near to orgasm when he see touch and open. wrapper.

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