[Video] The NEW Apple iPhone 12

Apple’s iPhone 12, 12 mini, Pro and Pro Max are finally here!

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40 Comments on “[Video] The NEW Apple iPhone 12”

  1. Their reasoning for excluding the charger makes absolutely 0 sense for the environment. People sell their devices with their chargers to get the best sale value for their used device, and if they have spare chargers, vast majority of them are bound to be USB A wall outlets, not USB C. So, you're still gonna have to purchase another wall outlet adaptor suit the Lightning to USB C cable.

    On top of that, there's been several cases of iPhones exploding, electrocuting people, or even burning down people's homes if you use the wrong charger with them. What did apple do in those cases? They basically said "you're charging it wrong". Now, imagine the much greater room for such incidents without an official charger in the box. That's anything but good for the environment.

  2. Most people i know sell, their older phones. So they would buy another charger which would come with more boxes, plastic etc. Plus many of those chargers would me made by different companies for whom an opportunity has been made available now, meaning additional manufacturing process. That will surely be more "eco-friendly". Plus if I remember correctly Google has gone (or is plans) 100% carbon neutral WITHOUT removing charger from boxes.

  3. Dave lee is sold. Way he presenting i can tell he is not speaking his mind. U saw the old big ass notch design and no comments? You really think no one cares for 90 or 120hz display?? And fucking charger.. you trying so hard to downplay that… SOLD

  4. Eco friendly ??I never thought u r a such a dumb grow up u might not care abt charger, earphones but charging 200$ seperately for them is bull shit. U mighy rich we r not don't be an asshole.

  5. Removal of the charger is a gimmick to charge more for less don't fall for gimmick. As long as there is still fossil fuel, carbon base combustion engine will still power the world. Their iPhone are being manufactured by fossil fuel indirectly. When consumers agree with their gimmick, we are jus getting less for our hard earned money.

  6. You’re a dumbass if you fell for apple not having a charger in there box. You dumb fuck they’re clearly trying to convince the consumers to buy more products from them. Don’t listen to this dude

  7. The charger removal is only to protect their benefits. The phone's price didn't decrease. Nowadays, you can do everything retarded you can think of, and just pretend you did it for the sake of the planet. Everything can be greewashed. It's unbearable. If Apple wants to do something for the planet, they can make batteries removable. Or they can stop producing new iPhone iterations every single year, that would reduce the amount of sheep replacing their e-waste every year. But no. They remove the charger and present you another expensive magsafe charger that you can buy separately. That's ridiculous.

  8. If Apple is telling the truth about not putting a charger for environmental reason ,they can give the charger separately with discounted price for any buyer of their new phone …

  9. all 4 are pathetic and lame, I liked the 11 pro better and those new pathetic excuses for a phone are nothing new, all are refurbished from previous years, no effort been put to shrinking the notch or the bezels which aren't the thinnest thing in the world, the screens are bad and they don't have high refresh rate, the design is lame and takes you back to 2012

  10. Saving environment is just a trick 🙄 , they are going to sell that seperately , i mean wtf
    For sure other companies are going to follow this shit in the name of environment which they actually don't care about
    Apple if u care about environment donate your 20% profit to ngo working for environment then

  11. nice reason to not include the charger (._.) (. .). why dont they give that option to the customer? to take the charger with it or skip it as they already own one. most will skip but some might actually need one

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