[Video] The New Google Pixel 5!

The new Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G!

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39 Comments on “[Video] The New Google Pixel 5!”

  1. Is this your next phone?? The Pixel 5 is the most interesting phone they've put out in a while.
    Also, the battery size is 40% bigger than last years pixel. i dunno how they did it in a smaller phone

  2. S20 FE is a better buy in my opinion.FE is offering a lot more.Also you get 3 year software update in FE.Pixel will shine only with the photo quality but FE is way more versatile IMO.

  3. I do feel that since last 2-3 years prices have been just exploited and in the name of of more features the body of the phones have been degraded actually, I do remember when we have metal body phones at the price range of 12k-20k INR (~163-272 USD) and now no one actually gives phones with metal finish. They are all just cheap plastic. And Samsung is not giving any surprices on this point. I am using S10 Lite since past 6 months now and whenever I remove back-cover it disappoints me to see that I've spent more than 35k INR to have a plastic back. I don't know why this kind of hype has been persisiting since years and when it will stop.

    Another hateful thing I find is the quad camera setup. I mean in the mid range to be honest if you just give one camera and LED screen with SD 720G or 730 (which 1.5 years old now) at the price of 15k INR (~204 USD can be 220USD) would sell like hot-cakes. Because at these price rage, users like my mom and dad doesn't want 3-4 camera they just want a solid reliable phone that would last them at least 2-3 years.

  4. Definitely cool phones for the pricing until they reach India. Can you believe that Pixel 4A is priced around $1050 in Indian pricing ? A $350 phone is trice the price in India. It's a nightmare to buy phones here. I Thought iPhone SE is soo over priced at ₹ 45,000 in India. But now Pixel 4A is priced around ₹70,000 and cut down to ₹60,000. That's unfair. I can actually buy an iPhone 11 with the price of Pixel 4A. Huge disappointment of the year 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Me watching this on my 230$ poco f1 128G, 699$ and they still can't afford face unlock? snapdragon 845 vs 765G hmmm. The only thing they have is a better camera and the wireless mumbo jumbo
    The sense of value this gen is so distorted, except the Iphone SE 2 with its flagship processor everything else is crap in the mid to low range

  6. The snapdragon 765G is not gonna cut it for me. I don't know what is the price difference between snapdragon 865 and 765 but I am assuming not more than $50. I really wish they have gone with 865 for pixel 5 and sell it for $749 or even the same $699. TheSamsung Galaxy S20 FE is virtually $599 on all major US stores and they managed to put a flagship SOC.

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