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These are the best performing gaming laptops for your money.
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48 Comments on “[Video] The Secret Laptop Club”

  1. I'm thinking of getting the Asus rog zephyrus g14 with the Ryzen 9 but I'm seeing a lot of people on Reddit are having some issues. Should I still go for it or get the Lenovo Legion 5/5i, or hp Omen?

  2. Hey dave my laptop started to slowing down like crazy, my friends told me it because hdd drive tended to slow down after while, do you have any idea?
    I have lonovo ideapad 7th gen core i7 12gb of ram and 2 tb storage with nvidia GeForce graphics

  3. I'm using my Illegear Onyx V Ryzen, I think it's the same with the one in link you shared(the GK5N), this is the Asia Market, service is good, laptop is good, so far I'm quite satisfied with it
    Price is cheap compare to the Asus A15(RM 3325 compare to RM 3599 if not mistaken), offer a lots of special deals, and it's lighter compare to the A15 that I wanted, like 1.85kg compares to 2.3kg

  4. Pavilion gaming laptop model 15-ec1085nr
    RARE TO FIND, i got one πŸ˜€ 1660 ti max q and ryzen 7 4800h… only 8gb ram tho.. for 1000 bucks

  5. These no brands are great deal at first, but has very unattractive resale value. While brand laptops are more expensive up front, but better resale

  6. The thinkpad EX95 series laptops aren't exactly cooling powerhouses, but they do have decent price to performance without a lot of modern laptop compromises (good keyboard, decent screens, removable parts, extended service, etc)

  7. I have a hasee god of war laptop (cringy asf) but the CPU is removable it has space for 2 nvme SSDs and n 2.5 inch SSD. Specs are an i5 7400 and a GTX 1050ti and a 1080p screen the battery is atrocious though

  8. Gr8 video Dave. Another secret laptop company could be System 76's laptops. Now that is no longer a secret too. Very interesting thoughts on the not so known laptops.
    I don't game on laptops, only on my AMD driven stationary. My laptop is an older Dell, running a Linux OS FOSS rules.

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