[Video] The Sony Xperia 5 II Turns Me On…

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46 Comments on “[Video] The Sony Xperia 5 II Turns Me On…”

  1. Unfortunately Sony is late at the party again. We've had phones that offer everything this phone has and more for a while now.
    While the camera features are interesting, most people will probably end up using the simple camera app for convenience.
    It's also a shame that it doesn't have wireless charging and those bezels should definitely be smaller 😕

  2. Great fancy camera features that very few people even understand! How many people are truly photography experts? I know many think they are…but not really. I preordered this phone but ultimately will not be buying it. I wanted the battery bypass feature for running gps/maps, and especially for running long term hotspot…but it appears that it only works while gaming…which I do not do. Also, it appears as if there is no way to turn off, or at least remap the useless assistant hardware button. So, even though there are so many other reason I wanted this phone…I cannot live with those two big failures. So sad Sony!

  3. I came close to buying an older model of this phone back when I needed a new phone earlier this year, but ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy S20. I like how this phone really takes professional video in mind, but the S20 had some better specs than the model I was looking at. I wish more phones had manual settings for the camera, especially while in video mode. Although, I like having the physical dials to turn on my DSLR.

  4. This dude right here is easily the best you tuber out there. From his unbiased reviews to his magnificent video quality is orgasmic to say the least. @UnboxTherapy you’re the best

  5. I had 2 Sony XA1 phones. One died in the washing machine but the other is so sturdy with a case. I fell on it while it was in my pocket with GoPro batteries from a meter on concrete and did a barrel roll…Now the phone is bent and I have curved glass but the display still works and the dead pixels regenerated. Put a case on and your Sony will last for a long time.

    It has a great android skin which only improves and does not bloat the phone too much. Overall happy.

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