[Video] Unboxing the Apple Mask

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[Video] Unboxing the Apple Mask 1
[Video] Unboxing the Apple Mask 2
[Video] Unboxing the Apple Mask 3
[Video] Unboxing the Apple Mask 4

24 Comments on “[Video] Unboxing the Apple Mask”

  1. It's a thoughtful design and looks good, but I dislike the whole idea of making this a longer term thing. I hate wearing masks and like them being ugly and uncomfortable so I don't get psychologically attached to it. 😒

  2. now: apple mask

    2 months later:apple mask ultra pro max,a14 bionic, with flash light and secret camera…..with lightning charger and mp3 player…..battery life: more than 22 mins…..

    only for $9999.99/- with 2% discount for only indians and uppal balu fans…..😋

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