[Video] Why is EVERYONE buying this CPU??

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  1. I had been an Intel guy for a few generations (in terms of system rebuilds) and was looking at the i9 9900k for my last rebuild, about 6 months ago. I asked some of my more hardware savvy friends to check me on this, and the unanimous reply was basically "go Ryzen, the numbers don't lie." So I went with the 3900x and got 50% more cores for basically the same price. Actually less, since I'd have to pay extra for a cooler for the Intel cpu.

  2. I’m a console gamer who’s never gamed on pc and don’t really plan to at any point. A lot of this vocabulary sounded like a different language to me but for whatever reason I stayed and watched lol

  3. I am really really tired of this Giga Hertz thing for the past two decades.. I mean, are you not? Atleast for fun sake and for inspiration please throw in some numbers and real world examples of what we would be theoretically capable of with an 1 Tera Hertz processor..

  4. yeah i jumped ship to AMD in all my builds because of best bang for buck. last intel CPU was the i7 4770k. intel screwed up big time and now AMD is taking a boat load of its shares. Good job AMD!

  5. my current machine is a ryzen 5 3600 paired with the rx 5700 xt and i was simply stunned at the performance it got at the price. cant' wait to see how ryzen 5xxx paired with rx 6xxx performs in games and at what prices. if they let Nvidia take that price/performance crown away I guess i'll switch back to Nvidia. pretty much already sold on a new ryzen 5xxx, just haven't decided which. have to wait for game benchmarks, to decide.

  6. For those looking to get one of these chips for less than $200 but having issues…. look at Ryzen 7 2700x. Better performance and regularly selling for $150-$180. (About the same in gaming) AND they're compatible with all current motherboard generations. Much better bang for the buck imho.

  7. The socket compatibility issue is something AMD has used to zing Intel several times in the past. In the mid 'Ohs, there were THREE generations of AMD CPUs that could be dropped into the same AMD boards. Let that sink in for a second. If you had an AMD socket, you could upgrade your CPU three times before even having to think about buying a new MOBO. This is the great thing about competition. If it were not for AMD, we could STILL be using early 4 or even 2 core tech with little to no die-shrink. After all, why would Intel bother to innovate if they didn't have AMD stepping up the game every five years or so, forcing Intel to follow suit or lose massive market share.

  8. I knew this thing was going to be a beast since it was announced. And here it is still, kicking ass. I wont be getting another CPU for probably 2 more years.

  9. With great performance and pricing point 3600 delivers, I'm still happy with my current 1600X. I cannot wait for what 5600 can offer and will upgrade to this 🙂

  10. My answer to needing a more powerful photo editing workstation was to ditch my beloved but long in the tooth HP z400 with a Xeon X5687, 24Gb of triple channel ddr3 and a GTX750ti for a Dell Precision T5810 with a Xeon e5-2673v3, 32gb of quad channel ddr4 and a GTX1060 3Gb. It's cost me in total, just under 400 British pounds, which I think is pretty good for a 12 core/24 thread 3Ghz CPU. I've got an upgrade path too as in a few years I will probably be able to upgrade to a v4 Xeon with more cores for similar money to the 85 pounds the 2673v3 cost me and replace the 8x4gb ECC Reg DIMMs with 8x8Gb or even 8x16Gb should I need more RAM.

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