How to Protect Yourself From Pwned and Password Reuse Attacks

password security

Many businesses are currently looking at how to bolster security across their organization as the pandemic and remote work situation continues to progress towards the end of the year. As organizations continue to implement security measures to protect business-critical data, there is an extremely important area of security that often gets overlooked – passwords.

Weak passwords have long been a security nightmare for your business. This includes reused and pwned passwords. What are these? What tools are available to help protect against their use in your environment?

Different types of dangerous passwords

There are many different types of dangerous passwords that can expose your organization to tremendous risk. One way that cybercriminals compromise environments is by making use of breached password data. This allows launching password spraying attacks on your environment.

Password spraying involves trying only a few passwords against a large number of end-users. In a password spraying attack, cybercriminals will often use databases of breached passwords, a.k.a pwned passwords, to effectively try these passwords against user accounts in your environment.

The philosophy here…

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