No Longer Only A Fortune 2000 Solution

Deception Technology

A cyber-attacker successfully breaks into your environment and begins sneaking around to find something valuable – intellectual property, bank account credentials, company plans, whatever. The attacker makes his way to a certain host on a network node to browse the directories, and suddenly, his connection is cut off. The stolen username and password he acquired no longer works.

Unknowingly, the attacker triggered a well-concealed trap that detected his presence, took immediate action to sever his connection, and then blocked his reconnect ability. Very cool.

The concept of Deception technology is pretty cool. And it can be an extremely valuable security layer that comes into play when other security layers are successfully bypassed. The problem, however, is that only very large enterprises have been able to leverage Deception technology due to its cost and complexity to implement and maintain. Unfortunately, small to medium-sized enterprises, the so-called SMEs, just don’t have the budgets and staff required to leverage this valuable technology.

A Game Changer for Deception Technology

Cybersecurity company Cynet recognizes the tremendous value of deception technology. So…

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