Reducing Complexity by Increasing Consolidation for SMEs

cyber security webinar

Complexity is the bane of effective cybersecurity. The need to maintain an increasing array of cybersecurity tools to protect organizations from an expanding set of cyber threats is leading to runaway costs, staff inefficiencies, and suboptimal threat response. Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with limited budgets and staff are significantly impacted.

On average, SMEs manage more than a dozen different security tools, making it very difficult for security teams to manage and orchestrate. SMEs are, understandably, looking to consolidate their security tools to make cybersecurity more manageable and cost-effective.

The challenge for these companies is to figure out how to consolidate cybersecurity tools without losing needed protections safely. An upcoming webinar is set to help SMEs with this very issue (sign up here).

The Cybersecurity Complexity Problem Cannot Be Overemphasized

Over the past decade (at least), CISOs have continuously lobbied for increased cybersecurity budgets to acquire more and more “essential” tools.

With an unremitting barrage of cyber threats continuously tweaked and reimagined to bypass existing defenses, adding new technologies designed to…

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