[Video] 5G + 120Hz + 5000mAh for Under $300

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[Video] 5G + 120Hz + 5000mAh for Under $300 1
[Video] 5G + 120Hz + 5000mAh for Under $300 2
[Video] 5G + 120Hz + 5000mAh for Under $300 3
[Video] 5G + 120Hz + 5000mAh for Under $300 4
[Video] 5G + 120Hz + 5000mAh for Under $300 5

41 Comments on “[Video] 5G + 120Hz + 5000mAh for Under $300”

  1. These Xiaomi Shit has serious issues (SERIOUS SIGNAL ISSUES + Lags) to mention 2 of them hahah… I bought one, which became my last πŸ˜€ Where i realized quality has a price.

  2. Poco X3 NFC has all those except 5G and it's selling for under $200. 120hz, 5160 mAh, high quality stereo speaker, 64MP main, IR blaster, all for under $200. Terrific phone. (Don't you worry about ads, you can turn them off)

  3. What exactly do you need 120 refresh rate for ?

    Youtube is locked πŸ” at 60Fps

    Twitter, FB, insta and all other social app are still when you reading them , you don't flicker your finger over it and be like oh look 120 fps

    so it's actually just pointless it looks great no doubt can't with that argue that but beside a fancy buttery smooth UI, it has zero benefits or implementation on any app

  4. Amazing looking phone. only problem I see is if I want to use a different case than the included one I will never find one because this isn't a "mainstream" phone. I ran into the same problem with a BLU phone several years back. I've got an s9 now and can't see replacing it until it dies.

  5. What is the look with the new background it's taking all the attention
    Liked the previous one mote
    Watching u from 8 years and that bg was solid simple and nice
    This one is a but AHHH
    SO SO

  6. I have MacBook Pro 2019 128gb. My application and doc size is 40gb . And there is other folder which is also 40gb. So it shows my MacBook is 80 GB filled. And when the update came, I downloaded big Sur installer which was around 12gb. Now my storage was filled up to 92gb. because of that I am not able to install big Sur. It says you need 24gb extra space. For the last few weeks I'm in depression. Is there any way to delete other folder files in Mac. And what other folder is????

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