[Video] A SICK Streaming Setup for Colton – Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this series! Colton’s been running into some streaming issues lately, so we partnered with Intel to give him $5000 to fix it, let’s see …


  1. Ive been watching linus tech tips videos since he was at ncix. Maybe 8 years ago. I'm starting to feel pretty damn old now. Anyone else relate?

  2. I love cooling. This whole episode im like "omg please dont use the case. Please come back with a different case. Oh no is it going in that case? Throw away the case!"

  3. List of upgrades done : The newfie (Anthony) , the minimalist (Riley) , the dude who looks like he doesn't sleep (colton) , is there anyone else?….. OH yeah that one dude that edits TechLinked (go see it) and james the master of hide and seek.

  4. Linus seemed to have a bad day when filming this one. Hope the tone of this video was something agreed upon by both parties prior to filming. Seemed a little too patronizing compared to the usual running gag of clowning on the employees.

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