[Video] Apple Silicon Mac Announcement – Slow Motion Dumpster Fire

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  1. It is sad to hear all this hate from Linus against Apple just for applying the tech that they have developed for their IPads and IPhones into their laptops. He is a tech guy and should be, at least interested, in new developments and improvements, specially in CPU technology. It is sad. I hope he rethinks when he gets to test them.

  2. These “Basically same guts as an iPad” can do sooooo much more than an iPad. I have been watching your videos for a while now, and this is by far the worst one. You are so wrong on many fronts. My little M1 8 Gb Ram I tested handles 4K video editing much better than my iPad and intel MacBook. The battery life alone is much better than my iPad. The MacBook Air is still much better than my iPad. Did you test any of the devices before producing this video? As I read down through the comments, I see that many more agree with me! I need not say more.

  3. Linus should’ve have waited till he got a chance to use the new M1 chip. Spreading dis information is the worst thing one could do in 2020. This will definitely affect his credibility. He is a veteran in youtube tech world. He should’ve known better.

  4. You can clearly see and feel the jealousy and his hatred with Apple, sad to say, it will take at least two years for intel or amd to catch up. Juat imagine M1 is just the baseline, slowest version. Apple hasn’t unveil their iMac or Mac Pro with M1.

  5. Such strong opinions based on what; pure speculation? I expected more from you Linus. Usually you'd actually use a product before giving it such a scathing review. Seems like the Apple-hating PC fanboi inside of you managed to take control for a whole 10 minutes and voided you of all objectivity. You'll surely be eating your words in the coming weeks.

  6. May be Apple got Inspired from Demo of Snapdragon in Laptops with Double Battery Backup & Prevent Apple from using Snapdragon like in Androids.

    Apple doesn't like link with Android, Right?

  7. Lol 4 days later you admit you are wrong.. sometimes you and others cannot just admits that Apple are the best at making Chips that are the most powerful and the most efficient… i know it hurts the PC master race fanboys… but who cares, even if now Macs are twice faster and power efficient than the best PC chips, you'll never switch to Apple .. so why fghting ??

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