[Video] Can You Tell the Difference?

Thanks to LG for sponsoring today’s video! Check out the LG Velvet at We’re always hearing about the latest and greatest flagship mobile …

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  1. This will require anthony, I have a velvet and found a major security flaw … It let's ANYONE unlock my phone and use it. I have tried cleaning fingerprint and going for just one finger and still the same result. My gf brother can unlock it . Please let's get this checked.

  2. I just pick up an LG Velvet. I broke my Pixel 3A XL and went to verizon. I needed a replacement immediately since I use it for work. There were no iphones or pixels in stock. There was 1 LG, the velvet I got and a few samsungs. The phone is fine but the text autofill and correction is horrible compared to a pixel.

  3. I have several phones from iphone to s10 samsung but I still prefer my LG G6 because of the quad DAC audio though wired headphones has incredible sound quality.. Also it's never glitched unlike the s10 or the iphone x that have crashed several times…

  4. i like how he is speaking a lot of the 765g when the video is sponsored but when he reviewed the op nord he just said it is a bit worse then the 865

  5. The SD765G is the 5G Variant in México LG would sell a 4G only version which would use the SD845 and 6GB of ram, and would cost the equivalent of 900usd then doesn't sound as good anymore, just sound like and overpriced old hardware "new" phone

  6. Got the Velvet today… I have to get new phone didn't want to spend to much.I was about to pay and at that moment the seller said oh there's no accessories… But I can offer you300$ gift card mmm yeah ok why not XD Thanks Bestbuy Mobile Metrotown XD

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