[Video] iPhone 12 Bend Test

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39 Comments on “[Video] iPhone 12 Bend Test”

  1. I want to try to bend iphone12 myself after watch this video since it is like how could I can not bend such a little piece of thing. But it is way too expensive for me to entertain like this.

  2. Can you be a proper reviewer and do bend tests on android devices as well? Like letโ€™s say a Samsung device. Apple releases one phone that was bending. One. And you havenโ€™t gone away from it and you still havenโ€™t gotten over it. Itโ€™s good to see you acknowledge that Apple has come along way since that mistake. I just hate that all I see you bend are iPhones.

  3. Great video. Listen, I completely dislike Apple but the bend test proves their longevity in your pockets and that stainless steel one is beautiful. I just might have to look into upgrading to Apple.

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